Top 5 Best scent for Yoga: Enhance Your Yoga Practice with Aromatherapy

Top 5 Best scent for Yoga: Enhance Your Yoga Practice with Aromatherapy:

Millions of people all over do yoga despite the fact that it was discovered 5,000 years ago. It is more popular than ever and this is the testimony of the healing and rejuvenating powers of yoga.

Not only does it strengthen the body but it also calms the mind and heals the spirit. We live in the time where everything is frantic and hectic. Yoga allows us to create an oasis of peace that we can sit in amidst all the hustle and bustle.

Aromatherapy has many health benefits too. It may not strengthen the body but the essential oils that are diffused are highly beneficial to one’s well being.

In this article, I am presenting “Best scent for Yoga

What happens when you combine the two?

Wonders. That’s what. You will take your yoga to a whole new level by using aromatherapy together with your poses. This is nothing to sniff at.

Aromatherapy can be done through diffusionanointing or purifying. You should employ all three methods for the best effects.

For Diffusion, you should diffuse the essential oils around the area you will be doing your yoga in.

You may use certain oils to massage on specific parts of your body to help you with your visualization and meditation. This process is known as “Anointment”.

The last method is Purification which basically means that you will wipe down your yoga mat and other equipment with essential oils to create a soothing atmosphere.

So which oils should you use: Top 5 Best scent for Yoga

It depends on your own preferences.

  • Lavender oil is extremely popular because of its peaceful and calming properties. It has been shown to reduce anxiety, headaches, encourages sleep and reduces nervousness.
  • Another oil that is excellent for calming your mind is frankincense oil. If your work is full of stress and constant deadlines, an over demanding boss, and an unrelenting workload, you might want to give frankincense a try.
  • Feeling down? Give lemongrass oils a try. Many people have reported feeling lighter and happier after a session with the lemon grass oils.
  • Other oils that are popular are myrrhsweet orangeylang ylangchamomilegeraniumrosemaryeucalyptuscedar wood, etc. You may experiment and see which oils suit you. This is a very personal thing. What may seem pleasant to one person may be overpowering to another. For example, sandalwood. Some people just can’t handle this scent.

You should diffuse the essential oils in a candle lamp with the correct amount of water. You may then start your yoga session. Make sure the lamp is at a distance from you so that you do not accidentally knock it down during your yoga session.

During your yoga poses, breathe deeply and take in the full aroma of these oils. Relax and feel a sense of release. It’s all about calming you down.

It would be a good idea to keep a journal and see if any conditions you have shown any sign of improvement. If you have headaches and use lavender oil, do these headaches occur less frequently? Is the oil helping you?

How do you feel? Less stressed out? Happier?

Write it all down so that when you look back, you will be able to see a pattern or changes that you may miss if you hadn’t recorded your perceptions on paper. This is an expedition. And finally, aromatherapy and yoga should help you achieve the body, mind and spirit connection.

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